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Go Handmade and Give a Gift with Soul

by TAJO Home | December 02, 2016 | 0 Comments

Have you ever had the privilege of watching a true artisan at work? It can be a mesmerizing experience…

From a whirling potter’s wheel, to the intoxicating smell of carved wood, everyone who has witnessed (or even experienced) the making of a handmade item, knows that the creator behind the product has put their heart and soul into that journey. Artisans truly give a piece of themselves when they make handcrafted items.

Each lovingly coaxed piece is one of a kind; no two creations will ever be the same as one another, and this ultimately gives each piece special meaning. Conversely, each design evokes memories and emotions that are unique to that of the beholder. It may fascinate and inspire, catapult us into the past, or uncover something new and exciting. When these stories intertwine, a deeply felt connection is made, which can make us feel positive and comforted; especially when they are cherished as an integral part of our home.

With all the madness going on in our world today, it can reach a point where life feels a bit surreal and too intense, making our heads’ spin! Whether it’s from watching and reading the news, or reminding ourselves of the hundreds of things we need to get done this week, handcrafted pieces have the innate ability to draw us back, and instil some much-needed perspective into our hectic lives.

Our exquisitely beautiful and functional pieces can effortlessly evoke a primal and natural connection. Take for example our Hope in the Woods wooden spoons. Spoons are the first thing we use as babies to eat. They can subconsciously evoke the feeling of being looked after and loved. They are a perfect gift to welcome into our homes because they have soul, and as a result, bring an element of calm and peace with them.

So this year, why not share the story that each of our unique pieces has to tell with a loved one? Experience the pleasure and wonderment of selecting an extra special and meaningful gift, whilst journeying through a magical haven of handcrafted ceramics or hand carved wood.

And just as every artisan has their story to tell, the people we love and care about have their stories to tell too! Perhaps you know a friend or relative who loves to bake? Since every expert was once a beginner, a thoughtful gift could blossom from contemplating what chapter of their story they are creating. How about the friend whose home is filled year round with the fragrant aromas of seasonal spices? Or maybe a family member who is tentatively testing the waters as they explore a new-found passion? What better gift than to inspire them! The delicate workmanship of our white, silver birch cake slice could be the icing on the cake!  

Or maybe you know someone who loves to entertain….and always makes it seem effortless! A Nathalie Dérouet serving bowl from France would make a perfect gift to the hostess who appreciates that the presentation of beautifully crafted dish is often just as important as how it tastes!

And last but not least, our Japanese ceramic silver rice bowls, made by Takashi Endo. The eye-catching design of this versatile pair is sure to literally light up a loved ones face this season.

From our home to yours, let’s never stop telling our stories. Our handcrafted pieces are sure to be conversation starters…and who knows; after experiencing the wonder of our pieces at TAJO Home, perhaps you’ll even been inspired to create a new chapter or story of your own!

TAJO Home x

The Beginning

by Natasha Hurwitz | March 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

With the launch of TAJO Home, we thought it would be the ideal time to give you all a little insight into how it came to be. It has been a very exciting time for us and we are delighted to finally be able to share this story with you.

There once was a girl from London who loved to travel. There was something about discovering an unknown place, being absorbed in new cultures, traditions and values that brought her to life in a magical way.

Whilst on these travels she would stumble upon artisanal wares that would provoke a reaction deep inside of her; they always felt significant to her, being made from natural materials such as clay, stone, wood or cloth. While she didn’t always know their exact make up or their background story, she did know that they made her feel. It was fascinating to her that these items made from the earth could carry their own energy and evoke feelings within a person.

It was from these feelings that she developed a dream. It became very clear where her passion lay and so she began on her quest to one day become the curator of her very own hand-crafted collections store; and that is exactly what she did!

She allowed her vision to be influenced by the places she visited and the people she met, and so the concept of TAJO Home was born.

TAJO Home has brought together a collection of remarkable pieces from around the world. The diversity of the skilled makers truly represents what we are all about, with each piece having its own story to tell, with the ability to conjure different thoughts and emotions and an infusion of its own culture and history. With makers from the UK, France, Spain and Japan, it is like a magical haven bringing the wonderment of stumbling upon a piece under one roof – here at TAJO Home, London.

We really hope you love our collection of handcrafted ceramics as much as we do. We wanted a place where people could come for handmade homewares that would inject a positive energy into the home, or a beautifully unique gift for a loved one. We are delighted to be able to share our vision with you at TAJO Home.

Now that we have introduced ourselves, be sure to check back to the blog for more inspiration as well as updates on new additions to the shop! We will be sharing different thoughts on interiors and the home, so we would be delighted for you to stop by.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.

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